Solutions for Middle Market
Business Value Enhancement
Transition Planning/Execution

What we do:

Qualify a team


Make the right connections


Coordinate a complex process

 The Team:

We work with a team of subject matter experts and quarterback the process to insure that the process delivers a well thought-out and comprehensive plan in a timely fashion. Members of the team are typically:
  • CPA and Valuation Expert
  • Deal/Estate Attorney
  • Wealth/Personal Financial Planner
  • I-Banker/Broker (if appropriate)
These team members may already be trusted advisors who have long standing relationships with the owner or they may be outstanding experts that we bring in to analyze and deliver the highest quality recommendations. Our knowledge of how the industry space is changing and the business issues helps us quantify the alternatives, expedite value enhancement and deliver the most realistic and effective outcome.

 Our Value:

Our process contains ten major steps for developing/implementing a transition plan:
  • Initial Screening to determine the fit between our experience and need
  • Data collection to determine the business and ownership status
  • Client meeting to define and align goals
  • Prepare a detailed business valuation
  • Develop a basic post-transaction financial plan for the owner
  • Recommend opportunities for business value enhancement
  • Detailed analysis of the exit options
  • Assess different transaction structures and net proceeds
  • Recommend an action plan to accomplish all objectives
  • Implementation
Its all coordinated and managed by us so you don’t have to.