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Value Optimization & Alignment:


M&A Market Conditions

Personal Readiness

 Business Value Enhancement:

Establishing a realistic view of Value is a critical element in any business transfer process. Market Value, Fair Market Value, Strategic Value, and Liquidation all have their utility and well defined process for assessment. Once we understand the owner’s motives the right methodology for valuation can be applied. Once that is done we assess three areas that contribute to Business Value Optimization:

 Business Performance:

Determining how to enhance value requires knowledge of the industry and where its going, how to boost operational performance and what to focus on to improve product/service mix. We look at over 50 specific factors and determine their impact. Our process also includes benchmarking against a data base of recent transactions (Public and Private), evaluates the readiness of a business, identifies gaps where value can be enhanced, develops a plan for improvement and then is actively involved in implementation.

Market Conditions:

The financial markets ability to accommodate and support a transfer can also impact value. The availability of equity and/or debt to finance the transfer can make a big difference in the value. Leverage Multiples for businesses can vary dramatically depending on market timing. We track the cyclicality of the financial markets and map them to the operational enhancement plan to determine the best timing opportunities for a transfer.

Personal Readiness:

Finally, the personal readiness of the owner(s) to complete a transaction can make or break a deal. If any owners of a business are not clear on what they will be doing the day after a transaction, chances are they are not really ready. We make every effort to provide insight on how important this is and we recognize it is a deeply personal consideration that takes serious thought, deliberation and time to process.