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Our Philosophy:

Midwest Genesis is a management advisory firm built on the premise that business owners have spent their lives working in their business and have devoted precious little time working on their business. We believe that anyone who invests in a private business deserves to receive recognition for the risks they have taken and should get maximum value for their commitment. To us, the real purpose of any business is to create value for the stakeholders. Everything else comes from that. Rarely can this be achieved without a good understanding of the owner’s objectives, an honest assessment of what the business is worth and a good plan for what can be done to improve it.

Our Value:

Our process can be applied to any company that needs a better understanding of what can be done to improve value of the business. We can work with existing advisors or bring in other highly qualified experts (including Valuation, Legal, Insurance and Wealth Management advisors) to form a team that will lay out what is needed. We quarterback that team and coordinate input within a proven process to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to achieve the owner’s objectives. We are former business owners ourselves that have been through this multiple times. We understand the owner’s perspective, their unique issues and what keeps them awake at night.

We are Certified M&A Advisors (CM&AA) and Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA). We not only develop a plan but we help to implement it. Our programs both enhance the value of the business and, if required, prepare it for transition. The resulting increase in value can be significant.
Owners don’t have the time, resources or experience to “try it on our own”. They need responsive solutions from experts that have industry experience and understand their issues because they have lived them themselves. That is what Midwest Genesis offers. That is what makes us different. That is what we deliver.

Our value can begin right now by simply clicking on The Sellability Score icon below to see how sellable your business is today. Even if you are not interested in selling at this time; wouldn't you want to know how your company stacks up against others that have gone through a sales process? Its free and only takes a few minutes to complete a short questionnaire. For more information see the "Contact Us" page of this website.